Public Liability Insurance Explained

Public liability insurance (PLI) is a legal requirement for suppliers.

However, it is important to understand that public liability insurance isn't just an issue of legal compliance for your supplier. Failure to book a supplier with PLI could have direct and unpleasant consequences for yourself.

Many venues require suppliers to carry certification of their public liability insurance with them. If they do not have the required insurance cover they could be refused access to the premises, with the inevitable consequences for your event. Different venues have different requirements for PLI cover. Usually the minimum requirement is £2 million, but a number of larger venues are now requesting £5 million or £10 million. Always check that the level of PLI cover your supplier has is sufficient for the requirements of your venue. Also ensure that certification will either be taken by the supplier to the event, or sent to the venue in advance if the venue require this.

Another extremely important issue to be aware of is that, if your supplier does not carry public liability insurance and they cause any damage to property or people whilst attending your event, YOU could end up being liable for the costs. If an accident happens and a subsequent claim is made then the success of that claim will partly depend on whether or not YOU had hired an adequately insured supplier.

In summary, public liability insurance is an important issue and not something to ignore. Always check your venue's requirements and check that your supplier has sufficient cover and will carry certification with them.

Solar Entertainments carry certification of our £10 million public liability insurance at all times.