DIY Karaoke Machine Hire
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Suitable for all types of venues and occasions

Karaoke hireWe have a variety of high quality karaoke equipment setups available which are perfect for hosting your own karaoke events from 1 to 150 people. All setups are high quality, easy to use and include the facility to connect your own devices for music playback between karaoke singers.

We have combined excellent quality equipment and our entire karaoke collection to ensure you and your guests can enjoy a great karaoke experience with a huge song selection, great sound and minimal fuss. Our latest full karaoke song selection can be viewed via the link on the left hand side of our website. The list is always kept up-to-date with the latest releases, so perfect for all age groups.

Our DIY karaoke setups are delivered, set up, demonstrated and then collected from you following your event. Simple instructions and a support contact number are included.

Standard Karaoke Equipment Included

All of our DIY karaoke setups include:-

- a high quality sound system suitable for your venue and event size
- easily accessible controls for adjusting volumes, tone and echo etc
- two wired microphones with stands and spare cables
- a flatscreen television for displaying the words
- a laptop with our full karaoke collection and easy to use software
- karaoke books ordered by Artist Name, Song Title and Decade/Artist
- facility to connect your own devices via cable or bluetooth for your own music playback
- facility to connect to a second TV if available
- an effective, attractive LED disco light to add atmosphere
- all stands, power extensions, cables and adaptors as required
- User instructions and a telephone support number.

Our list of karaoke songs can be viewed or downloaded from our website if you wish to browse or share with your guests prior to your event. The link to the song list page is towards the top left of our website.

Please note that if your venue already has existing equipment in place, such as a sound system or screens, we can discuss utilising this equipment with your venue and adapt our setup to save you some hire costs.

Additional Equipment Available

Additional TV or Projector & Screen

You can add a second TV display, or connect to an existing second display, if your setup would benefit from this for audience participation for example. We provide the necessary cables and connectors to do this. We also have an LED projector and 4 foot screen available for hire if required.

Wireless Microphones

You can upgrade from our standard wired microphones to twin wireless microphones for a small additional fee. This allows singers to move around freely and avoids any trailing wires from the karaoke setup to the singers' mics. You will also receive the wired microphones if you upgrade, so you can have these on standby as a backup or use them in addition to have four microphones in total.


A small but attractive and very effective LED light is included, but we also have a selection of lighting available including LED uplighting, spotlights, disco and laser lighting. This can be hired if desired to add mood or effects lighting to your event.

Additional Speakers

We have professional quality, powered speakers with built in amplifiers available to suit events from 1 to 150 people. We will recommend a suitable setup based on your venue size and number of guests.

Making an Enquiry...

Make EnquiryIf you would like to make an enquiry, please complete our Online Enquiry form. This form ensures we have all the necessary information required to check availability and to provide you with full details and an accurate quote.

If you have any queries regarding our services, or would like to talk to us about anything else, please see our Contact page for our telephone numbers and email addresses.

Thank you for visiting our website and we look forward to providing you with a first class service!

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